Meet Elizabeth


In the hallway of my childhood home is a photograph of my great-great-grandparents. It was taken on their wedding day. It was an event I obviously did not attend, but I was able to celebrate their love through that photograph. Wedding photographs are an opportunity for future generations to experience your love.

Love is an emotion that can put us in our most vulnerable state, but sometimes being photographed with the ones we love can exemplify that feeling of vulnerability. Finding a photographer that allows you to be yourself and express your love fully without holding back is one of the most important characteristics to have. Building that trust takes a lot of time together, getting to know you and your fiancé before the big moments in your life.

I will work with you to build that trust so you can feel at ease on your wedding day knowing that I will capture your true love and beauty. I will work with you to create timeless photographs for your family to enjoy years down the road even if they haven’t met you. These photographs will show who you truly are as a couple. Your Love. Your Story.