The whole reason I am a photographer goes back to these two images of my grandparents’ wedding days. They capture the love these two couples shared, stirring emotion in me nearly 70 years later.

     I am a photographer because I was so inspired by those photos, making it my mission to give YOU, my clients, photos like this. Remember, your wedding photos are not only for you now; they are also a document of history for your future family.

     A lot has changed since these two weddings in 1949 and 1950. Technology has changed, styles are different and weddings have evolved. But one thing has remained: a wedding photo’s sense of history and love.

     After the Big Day has passed, your flowers will wilt, your dress will be stored away, perhaps to go someday to one of your children. But your wedding photos? Those are the ONE thing everyone can share and cherish forever. And I can’t wait to help create lasting wedding images, celebrating the love you have to today and in generations to come.