Fort Collins Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos are an investment in your future...

Which package is right for you?

Every wedding package includes a complimentary engagement session, coverage by two photographers at the wedding, and rights and access to the digital files


{$2,700 investment}

The Sapphire package includes:
•Complimentary Engagement Session
•6 hours of wedding coverage
•Two Photographers
•Digital Download of all edited images

"This package is great for a smaller, more traditional wedding. If you plan on seeing each other for the first time when the bride walks down the aisle, don’t want a lot of getting ready photos, and won’t have a lot of venue changes during the day, then this package is perfect for you!"


{$3,500 investment}

The Ruby package includes:
•Complimentary Engagement Session
•8 hours of wedding coverage
•Two Photographers
•Digital Download of all edited images
•16x20 in. canvas print of your choice
•$100 print credit 

“This package is great for couples that want full coverage of the bride and groom getting ready and plan on doing a first look. This is also great for weddings where there may be a lot of travel time between getting ready, the ceremony, or the reception. If you would like a lot of family photographs or will have a longer ceremony, this package is great for you.”


{$4,200 investment}

The Diamond package includes:
• Complimentary Engagement Session
•10 hours of wedding coverage
•Two Photographers
•Digital Download of edited Images
•16x20 in. canvas of your choice
•$100 print credit
•10x10 mounted photo album

“This package is the all-inclusive package. It includes a GORGEOUS 10x10 professional mounted photo album. This package is great for couples who want full coverage of their day and an album to show it off with.”

I understand, you have options....

Many people think that you are paying for a single days worth of work, but it is so much more than that. I strive to create a relationship with you before your big day so that you can put all your trust {and even stress} on me on your big day so you don't have to worry about wedding details.

Prior to your big day I will talk to you several times to ensure that we are on the same page come your wedding day, whether thats by phone call, over a lunch date, with some happy hour drinks, or just an email. I want to be more than your photographer, I want you to see me as a friend on your wedding day, even if we start out this process as complete strangers. I will spend hours at my desk to get your photos looking their best for you when you return from your honeymoon. Waiting weeks and months for your wedding photos can be painful, so I strive to have them to you by your one week anniversary.

Your wedding, your friends and family, and these photos mean a lot to you, and they all mean a lot to me as well and I will do my absolute best to make your special day one to remember for all the RIGHT reasons.

Fort Collins Wedding Photographer

"These are the photos that you are going to have to remember loved ones forever"

Don't miss out on them