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Rain on your wedding day?

The reasons for this superstition

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Rainy Forecast

As a Colorado Wedding Photographer, there is one thing that I have zero control over on the wedding day; rain! The morning of each wedding I check the forecast for the day to see if we should expect any rain. Now, this forecast may change about 40 times before the bride even gets into her dress, but it helps me get an idea of what to expect. So many brides ask me if it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day so I decided to do some research. 

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What started this superstition?

As is the case with most wedding traditions and superstitions, rain is considered good luck because it was a symbol. Now, who decided what everything symbolized, I don't know, but I do know what rain did symbolize!

Rain symbolizes fertility, cleansing, and unity. 

You need rain for things to grow, which is the reason for the symbolism of fertility. If you have rain on your wedding day that is a sign that you will grow and raise children. In the same aspect, rain helps to cleanse things, like your past. Rain washes away the past and allows you to have a fresh start. My personal take on unity is this; much like the common sand ceremony, two colors of sand are joined together in one vase and can never be separated again, in the same way, once a drop of rain falls on top of another drop of rain, the two can never be separated and will always be a part of the other.


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Is rain bad luck?

BUT, I do have some bad news.

Rain on your wedding day also symbolizes tears. When I first read this I thought of the tears of loved ones in heaven, but it's not quite that sentimental. The rain symbolizes the tears the bride will shed in their marriage. There is a little bit of hope, as I didn't see any posts that specified if they were tears of happiness or sadness!

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