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How to prepare

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What is your "look"?

Your Headshot is the photo that gives off the first impression of you as a business owner, employee, consultant, or whatever the situation may be. So you have to think about what you want people to think of when they see your photo. I wrote a little blog about "What does your headshot say about you" to give you an idea of the impact your headshot has on the people who see it.

Often the first question I get when people are getting ready for their session is "What should I wear?" and that is hard to answer because it changes for everyone based on how they want to appear. Do you want people to see you as a professional in a suit and tie or as a casual jeans and button up kind of person? Picking out your outfit is something that is so subjective depending on the purpose of the photos. But I do have a few tips about things to think of and avoid for your headshots.

Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot
Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot
Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot

What not to wear

It's hard to say a general "You should wear this for your session" so it is easier to say what you SHOULDN'T wear.

  • Wrinkled shirts. Yes, I can do some photoshop and smooth your shirt out, but it can be difficult, time consuming, and not natural looking, so just do me a favor and pull the iron out in the morning and give it a little press for me.
  • Clothes covered in lint and hair. If you have a furry friend, make sure to run a lint roller over your shirt or jacket before our session to get rid of all the hair that may be on there. Those are little things that will make your photographer very happy! 
  • Ill fitting clothes. I know sometimes suits and jackets can be a little small, tight, and busting at the seams, but when you get ready for your session in the morning, make sure that it doesn't LOOK small. If you are testing the limits of some of your buttons, it is probably best to pick a different outfit. If your bra straps show, or your shirt doesn't stay tucked in, pick out something else, because you will have to be doing lots of adjusting throughout the session to make sure everything fits right.
  • Be comfortable. If you are wearing a shirt that you are very uncomfortable in or doesn't fit well, you are going to feel uncomfortable and it is going to show in the photos. So make sure that above all else, you feel comfortable.
  • Avoid very bright colored shirts. If you wear a bright (think neon colors) shirt it may reflect a little color off your shirt which will cast a weird color onto your face. So it is best to wear colors that are a little more mellow.


Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot


I have lots of suggestions for locations we can go to for you photos, but if there is a place that would better fit you, your brand, your "look" then let me know! Think of what people associate with you. Do they picture you in your office or outside or with an outdoorsy look or an urban look? We can always toss around ideas, but think of a place that says "you". And I can scope it out and see if it will work for your session.

How to Prepare for your Senior Session | Fort Collins Senior Photographer

Senior Sessions

How to prepare

Fort Collins Senior Photographer
Fort Collins Senior Photographer


The question I get all the time is "How many outfits should I bring". Depending on which senior portrait session package you choose will determine how much time we have, but I typically tell my seniors to bring 3-5 outfits that they love. We may not use all of them, but it at least gives us some options based on the weather, the location, and how you're feeling. For ALL of my sessions, senior or not, I tell my clients the biggest thing is to make sure you are comfortable because it will show in the photos and you don't want to be tugging at your shirt and trying to make sure everything is all in the right place.

Don't be afraid to wear something fun and out of the box. If that's who you are, do it! I also tell my seniors that they can do some casual and some dressy outfits if they would like. Your senior photos are about YOU. What makes you, you? Keep that in mind when picking out your clothes. If you are a skinny jeans and Chuck Taylor's kind of person, wear that! Don't be afraid to express your personality! 

Do you know where you're going to school or what your will be majoring in or sports you will be playing? Include that! Bring a shirt with your future school's mascot or something with their colors. 

Girls, don't forget to accessorize! Bring options of necklaces and bracelets. Even bring scarves, hats, jackets. Whatever you like to wear, bring it. That is probably the one thing that most clients forget is the jewelry. And while I'm talking to the girls, don't forget the appropriate bras and underwear for your outfits! If you need a strapless bra for an outfit, bring it!

Fort Collins Senior Photographer
Fort Collins Senior Photographer
Fort Collins Senior Photographer | Senior boy | Senior Photo with Car


Props are quite possibly the most important part of your senior session. Whether you enjoy music or sports or animals or underwater basket weaving, we can work to incorporate your hobbies into your session. Let me know what some of your interests are and we can make sure that your location and outfits match your props you may have. If you want photos with your horse, I will want to select a location that has some good space. If you want to include your dog, toto, I will make sure to bring some of my "tools" to get his attention. And if you want to include books or basketballs or cars, we can do it!

I LOVE when seniors incorporate their interests. If you're not creative and don't know how, lets chat and we can throw some ideas back and forth on what you like and how we can turn that into a fun and creative shoot! I can't stress enough about how these photos are about YOU and the things you love and that mean a lot to you. Even if you think it might be odd or tough to make look good, let me know and we can always try something. Maybe you're into art, we can do pictures in an alley with fun murals or find some cool sculptures.

The options for your senior photos are endless, so lets make it fun for you! And if you're having fun, I'm having fun! I love when seniors get into their photos!

Fort Collins Senior Photographer
Fort Collins Senior Photographer
Fort Collins Senior Photographer
Fort Collins Senior Photographer


Your location for your session is what is going to bring it all together. I typically ask clients if they have a location in mind and if not, I ask if they prefer outdoorsy or urban. Depending on your outfit choices and prop options, this will influence the location we choose. If you're an outdoorsy or country person, I would likely not put you in an alley downtown because it might look out of place. 

I do have a couple requirements on locations as a comfort and liability for both of us

1- We have to have permission to use the location. Whether its private property or a park with permit requirements, we have to follow the rules and make sure we are allowed to use this location.

I know that a lot of seniors use train tracks as a location for their photos, but railroad tracks/crossings are private property and taking photos on them would be trespassing and subject to punishment. Not to mention it is not a safe place to take photos. So, unfortunately I will have to nix any photos suggested on railroad tracks.

2- It has to be a safe location. The last think I want is for anyone to get hurt so if something doesn't feel right or the scene looks unsafe, I will suggest another location. I've heard horror stories of photographers not trusting their gut when it comes to safety and I will learn from their mistakes.

I know that now I sound like a rule stickler and lame, but other than those two simple requirements, I am option to all kinds of options for photos. Whether it is your family farm, your school, a cool alley, or a beautiful park, I am open to getting creative and having fun!

Mazie’s First Year HLHS Warrior | Fort Collins Kids Photographer

Mazie's First Year

HLHS Warrior

Oh Mazie. This little girl stole my heart from the very beginning and if I could give her my heart, I would!

Mazie was born with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) and underwent heart surgery at just three days old and has since been fighting and getting stronger every day.

I met Mazie for the first time when she was about 2 months old, when we did her first session and I was amazed at her mother’s amazingness (that is a word, for this blog’s sake), Mazie’s strength, and her sisters patience while her parents tried their best to take care of Mazie and their little 2 year old.

Mazie was admitted into children’s hospital the evening of our shoot and after a lot of struggles and ins and outs of the hospital, they ended up doing her second heart surgery a little earlier than expected.

A few months after Mazie’s second surgery we did a little mini session/almost 6 month old session, and she was doing great! Her incision had healed up nicely and she was doing so much better!

I stay in touch with Mazie’s family and always have her on my mind while her family is back in Children’s, waiting for tests and answers. I don’t know how they do it! They are my heroes! I watch videos of them taking Mazie via flight for life to the hospital and they are always so strong and faithful. It seriously amazes me!

For Mazie’s first birthday, my intern and I spent the afternoon with the girls, taking photos of mazie and her sister. I stayed for dinner with the whole family, and I can confidently say that girl has an army of love and support to help her through this!

It has been a tough year for Mazie and her family, but I believe whole-heartedly (see what I did there??) that if they made it through the last year, they can make it through anything.

Happy birthday miss Mazie! I can’t wait to see where you go in the next year!

20 Fun Facts About Me | Fort Collins Photographer

20 Fun Facts About Me

We're getting personal..

I think I am in the mood to share some fun facts about me, so here is your edition of "Meet your Photographer"! I am going to try up with 20 fun facts about me that are NOT photography or business related! This might be hard...

  1. I am the baby of 5 and there is a whopping 16 year age gap between my oldest brother and me. And yes, we all have the same parents.
  2. I. Love. Spaghetti. It is seriously my weakness and I have no "I'm full" warning when I'm eating it. The same might go for Fruity Pebbles...
  3. I have a lot of people who ask me if I have a nickname since Elizabeth is so long. My friends call me Libby, and I'll give you permission to do the same if you'd like 😉 How did I get the nickname of Libby? I came home from school one day when I was in 2nd grade and told my mom that my name was SOOO long compared to everyone else in my class (my first and last name are 18 letters total. Try fitting all that on a bubble test. I get a lot of mail for Elizabet because the H won't fit!) So my mom gave me a book with nicknames for Elizabeth and I thought Libby was good! And the rest is history!
  4. I love tomatoes and I am a vodka drinker, but I HATE Bloody Mary's
  5. I was a whopping 10 lbs when I was born, but I wasn't even the heaviest baby in the family. My brother was 11 lbs. 10 oz. His son was 12 lbs. 1 oz. I come from a family of very big babies!
  6. I am a Colorado sports fan. The Broncos, Nuggets, Avs, and Rockies are my teams! I have to admit that I was a Houston Rockets fan for a few years in high school while I was playing basketball and wanted to grow up to be like Yao Ming!
  7. I drank about 4 cups of coffee a day for a few years, and quit cold turkey last January! It was soooo hard, but after the first few months it was much better!
  8. I love to travel and hope to visit all 50 states in my lifetime. I have a list going right now and am up to 20 (plus Washington D.C.) I have a lot of traveling to do in the south, Midwest, and East Coast! I think I want to visit New England next!
  9. I grew up about 2.5 hours from the Kansas border, but have NEVER been to Kansas!
  10. I am currently learning Italian! It has been an interesting little adventure!
  11. I am also doing some sewing during my slow season! I sewed my best friend a baby blanket for her little munchkin that is due here in less than a month! The other day I made a really pretty Kimono that I LOVE! I also tried to make some leggings, which was successful, but they will have to be my "Just for home" leggings as I found out the fabric is pretty see through. Oops!
  12. I grew up in a small town. And when I say small town, I mean population 225. I went to a Pre-k- 12 school and had 15 classmates and went so school with 8 of them all the way from Kindergarten till graduation.
  13. I am 5'11" tall. They say your wingspan should be as long as you are tall, but I have a 6'1"+ wingspan. There is a reason you will rarely see me wearing full length sleeves or mens long sleeve shirts HA!
  14. I HATE seafood. Just the smell of shrimp makes me start to gag. YUCK!

  15. I love me some Kraft Mac 'n Cheese, but only when it's fresh. It can't be re-heated!

  16. I went all 4 years at college without ever ditching a single class. I missed a few due to sickness, but part of me wonders if I missed out on the whole "college experience" by not having 1 day of notes from a class because I stayed in the dorm watching movies or taking a nap.

  17. I get nauseous at the sight of blood, which I just looked up and it is called Vasovagal Syncope. Most of my family has the same issue. I HATE hospitals because of this. The littlest things make me sick. I hate to admit it, but I've had to take a few breathers (and lay down with my feet up) while visiting family in the hospital...

  18. One of my biggest pet peeves is mouth noises. I hate when I can hear people licking their lips, chewing, grinding their teeth and smacking their lips. Sometimes I go crazy when I can hear people over-exaggerating their breathing. It is the worrsttt.

  19. I have been learning how to play the violin! It is by far the hardest instrument I've played, but I love the challenge!!

  20. I love trying new breweries. I have almost visited every brewery in Fort Collins, but new ones keep popping up! I love trying craft beers, but when I'm hanging with friends my beer of choice is usually Bud Light. I know, I'm terrible, but I gotta watch my girlish figure!

Porter’s First Year | Fort Collins Children’s Photographer

Porter T.

Baby's First Year

I cannot believe this little munchkin is already a year old! And I have a slight confession, it makes me SO sad that I am not going to see him everything 3 months behind my camera!

I have loved watching this little boy grow up this past year. Newborns and 3 month olds are just so cute and all you want to do is snuggle them the whole time, but by the time they're 6, 9 and 12 months they start to develop such a personality and I LOVE photographing that with little ones.

The last two times I photographed Porter it was so awesome to see him start to become his own little person. As a farm girl myself, it was so awesome to see Porter running around the farm like the owned the place, but also to see how much this little human loves his cows at such a young age!

I can't wait to see where this little blonde hair, blue eyed farm boy goes in the next few years and I love watching his little family grow! I have been documenting this family since the engagement and can't wait to see what the future brings! 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Porter's first year!

An Irish Blessing | Fort Collins Photographer

St. Patrick's Day

A Bittersweet Holiday

Christmas | Irish Blessing | Fort Collins Photographer

St. Patrick's Day has become one of my favorite holidays over the years. I grew up only knowing one of my grandparents, A red headed irish woman named Patricia, who was born on St. Patrick's day. Green was one of my grandma's favorite colors, even when it wasn't March 17th. She always wore a green pin on St. Patrick's day and when I would go to her house as a child she would ask me if I was wearing my green, because if not, she was going to pinch me. Saint Patrick's day was her favorite holiday, and soon became mine.

One St. Patrick's day I was in California visiting my sister and we went out to the beach to celebrate the holiday and got a phone call from my dad, who had called to tell us Grandma has passed away. It was her 84th birthday. 

Saint Patrick's day was grandma's favorite holiday, her birthday, and the day she passed. Because of that, this holiday will always hold a spot near and dear to my heart.

I wish you all a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day. And in the words of Brian Buffini "I'm going to leave you today with a little irish blessing" (Which my grandma had hanging in her house)...

Irish Blessing | Fort Collins Photographer

Ellis Ranch Bridal Show 2018 | Fort Collins Photographer

Ellis Ranch

2018 Bridal Show

Bridal Show Flyer 2018 | Ellis Ranch | Fort Collins Wedding Photographer

Come visit me!

If you are getting married this summer/fall, come on over to the Ellis Ranch bridal show and check out all the vendors! Even if you aren't getting married at Ellis you can still chat with the vendors you are looking for!

Be sure to stop by my booth and say hi and enter to win a free photo shoot!!

March 25th noon to 4 at Ellis Ranch!

Elizabeth Fehringer

Best of.. Fort Collins Photographer

Best of

Fort Collins

Expertise Badge
2018 Best Portrait Photographer in Fort Collins

I am not one to boast or brag about what I've done or where I have been, in fact, I hate talking about myself most of the time. Today I'm going to step out of my shell and brag a little bit, but mostly it's as a thank you to all of my amazing fans, friends, and clients out there who helped me get to this point!

Last year I was named on of the best family photographers in Fort Collins by To get an award like that it so great when working in such a competitive industry with photographers al the way from beginner/hobbiest to someone with 20+ years of experience working full-time with a 6 figure income! Getting to say that you're one the best family photographers in Fort Collins is an amazing feeling!

Then this year I found out I received the same award for 2018 and I was so honored!

A few months ago, Hula Frog, (a blog that shares things to do and businesses to use that are family oriented and kid friendly) started a contest for the "Most Loved Family Photographer" in Fort Collins. They listed several photographers that were in the contest and asked viewers to vote for their favorite photographer. I shared it when I found out I was in the runnings, but quite honestly I forgot about it! A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my emails and saw one listed "Best of Fort Collins" and it wasn't until I clicked on it that I realized what it was. I went to their blog and found that I was listed as the winner! Because of the love and support of so many of my amazing clients and friends and family I am proudly able to post this badge! It is such an honor!

Thank you to everyone who voted, shared, and as always, has supported me through all of this!


Elizabeth Fehringer | Fort Collins Photographer
Fort Collins Most Loved Photographer Award

What does your headshot say about you?

Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot
Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot
Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot
Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot
Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot
Elizabeth Jane Photography | Fort Collins Photographer | Headshot

Headshots. No I'm not talking about sniping someone. I'm talking about the photo that you put on your linkedIn profile or website to show the world who you are. We tend to cheap out on headshots. Whether that means hiring an amateur or using a selfie from your phone, I think sometimes we forget what we are trying to convey with that image.

Your headshot is probably the first impression you will make with people. If they are shopping around for someone, they may try to find someone that looks trustworthy and friendly, but if your headshot does not convey that you could be losing business.

After spending about 10 minutes on LinkedIn the other day I was amazed at the quality (or lack there of) of some of the profile photos some people have. I am LinkedIn with recent College graduates, people that work for S&P 500 companies, and some small business owners. Some of the photos are made up of selfies, lots of cleavage, and photos of people eating a sandwich or chugging beer. Now, please don't take this the wrong way, but unless you are trying to get a job as a beer taster at Budweiser or as a sandwich taster at Subway, those photos are not showing off what you have to offer. QUIT CHEAPING OUT ON YOUR HEADSHOTS! Hire a professional and I can guarantee it will pay off in the end.

As much as I would like to share some of the "bad" photos I have seen on LinkedIn, I decided to spare those people the humility and decided just to share some of my favorite headshots.

If you're a dentist, you want a photo that is going to show that you are friendly, personable, but professional.

And the same with an optometrist. And why not show a part of your office in your photo? Who said headshots all had to have a solid black or white backdrop with a cheesey smile and silly pose. Don't be afraid to show off your profession and your personality.

Think of your headshot as a way to tell a story to your target market. If you are using your headshot so that clients, patients, etc. can see what you look like, then also show what your business looks like. And never be afraid to show what your personal values are. If you are an outdoor loving person, why shoot inside? Why not enjoy the outdoors in your photos too?

I am a Colorado native and absolutely LOVE this state. In the photos I did for my Christmas card I decided to wear some clothes to support my Denver Broncos, because to be honest, my business revolves around the Broncos games during football season. But why not also show off some of the beautiful weather we get here in the centennial state?

And if your job is a business coach, then take a photo that shows that you are approachable, yet confident and motivational!

And lastly, if you are putting photos on LinkedIn, DO NOT put photos on your LinkedIn profile that you would also put on your online dating profile. Don't show any cleavage, make sure you have a good background, and please, no selfies. When you take a professional headshot your goal is to end up with a professional photo that is clean, classy, and makes you look like the trustworthy and beautiful person that you are!

Out with 2017 and on to 2018

Out with 2017

On to 2018

Another year has come and gone and when I sit and look back at the last year I can't help but think of how much I have grown. I have grown as a business owner, as a photographer, and as a person. As always, 2017 brought some unexpected turns, but they only make me stronger in the end.

2017 was my first year as a full time photographer and I have to admit that it definitely tested me. I learned that sometimes you need to cry, and sometimes you need to put on your big girl pants and deal with it. If I said I did those two things at all right right "times" I would be lying. More times than not I just cried.

In 2017 I photographed my 100th wedding as a photographer. After about 10 years in the industry, I feel like I hit a major turning point in my business. It has definitely been so rewarding and I have SOO many people to thank for that!


New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography

It seems like every year I say goodbye to more friends, and it never seems to get any easier. I said goodbye to two friends this year. One from college and one from my post-college years. Both of them were 26, and its moments like that that make you realize how short life really can be.

I said one really tough goodbye this year to my fur-niece. We had to put Nina down this year and it was so tough to go through that, but to see her in pain was so much harder than the pain we have dealt with since then. Nina was the dog that taught me to love dogs and the dog that protected me and got me through some really tough times. It has definitely been tough getting through the last few months without her (and her stinky breath and farts) by my side. 


New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography

Jarrett Lee "Kansas" Bellendir

January 31, 1991
- March 15, 2017


New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography

Michael Reuben Martinez 

October 11, 1990
- May 20, 2017


New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography

In 2017 I continued to following my traveling heart.

In January I went on a girls trip with some friends to New Orleans and LOVED it! Everyone has told us all these scary stories about New Orleans, but we had zero bad experiences while we were there! It was so much fun and I fell in love with the food and the music! We stuck around Bourbon Street and the French Quarter for the most part but did adventure over the Mississippi on a Ferry and took a bus ride to the swamp and did a tour there. They told us it was one of the coldest weekends of the year for them, but being from Colorado, it was nothing for us! I definitely want to go back sometime! 

I took a trip to Chicago this December. It was a quick 72 hour trip, of which I spent about 23 of those hours in the hotel room sick with the stomach flu. From the time I did have there, I loved it, but I will go back and have a flu-free adventure with lots of good food!

New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography
New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography
New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography
New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography
New Year 2018 | Elizabeth Jane Photography

I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for me! I have been working hard on setting my business goals for the next year but haven't taken any time to make any resolutions for myself!! So on that note, I am going to go write some goals about losing weight and being fit, then get on to the good goals!

As always, thank you so much to everyone who has supported me in every way throughout 2017. I don't know where I would be without y'all!!

Love, Elizabeth Jane